By Igor Slavík

Traun4In January this year, I was fishing with my friends at Goiserer Traun near Bad Ischl in Austria to test new rods made by the Czech company Hanak Competition. After the arrival at the river, we divided and started fishing. Petr chose a great place at first sight, which was near the parking place and thus very visited. I stayed there with him for a while, he caught a fish, I took a photo and then I walked with Franta a bit downstream. We were carefully fishing in nice places and from time to time we caught something. The water level was under average. Even for this reason we met many fishermen. Therefore, there was a higher pressure on the river and lower number of catches. Nevertheless, we dealt with it and caught fish between 35 and 52cm.

PF2014 01

PF2014 02

PF2014 03

PF2014 04