Hanak Superb XP

Základní cena495,04 €
Prodejní cena599,00 €
Hodnota DPH103,96 €


Let us introduce a brand-new series of four piece, ultra-light, very fine yet powerful rods. They are the best competition fly rods. These rods were designed using the newest technology and highest quality materials available. These rods have been long-term tested and fine-tuned to absolute perfection, in cooperation with the best fly – fishermen and competitors in the World. As well as members of Team HANÁK Competition SUPERB STARS, and members of the Czech National Fly Fishing Team. Each rod was designed and tested separately by the best Czech fly- fishermen in each discipline of fly-fishing.
The blanks have been made using the latest HI-CARBON technology and materials in a special combination with NANO top-class filaments. Combining these blanks with extra light super quality components, we have succeeded in reducing the overall weight of these rods by about 30 % (up to 30 g) compared to conventional rods. The rods have super thin FUJI SIC stripper guides, and very durable and flexible titanium single leg guides RECOIL Titanflex - made in USA. The perfect design of the rods is underlined by the exclusive black real seat which incorporates an exotic wood insert. The handle is made from the highest quality AAAA grade cork. The matt gold olive finish of the blank prevents the disturbance of spooky fish by reducing rod flash. Each rod is supplied in the luxurious pentagon rod tube with separate ompartments for each rod section.



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