Euro Nymph RIO Products size 2 – 5 DT (24 m)

Ultra – thin, incredibly light line for the utmost in sensitivity, conforms to International Fly Fishing rules, Higly visible orange tip for detecting the subtlest takes, built on a supple, low-stretch core and front loops.
Základní cena57,85 €
Prodejní cena70,00 €
Hodnota DPH12,15 €

The Euro Nymph line was designed by Steve Parrot to satisfy the need for a one size fits all European style nymphing line that is competition legal. The line is built on a thin diameter, low stretch, supple core to maximize sensitivity and alow for lightning fast hook sets, while a highly visible tip helps anglers detected the slightest of strikes. This line is designed specifically for European style nymphing techniques, such as „French“, „Czech“, Polish“ and „Spanish“ styles.

Diameter of fly line tip is 0,55 mm.


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