Zaklady jezerniho muskareni At the turn of 2003-2004 a new book by Karel Krivanec: Still Water Fly Fishing Basics came to light. Full colour book in the A4 formate has 190 pages and for more than 200 full colour pictures, including pictures of main types of still water flies and pictures of fishing tactics, where the best Czech and some of the world famous fishermen are taken pictures of.

The author himself tried to present his own view at classification of still water flies, where he is supported by their division into two main groups either imitative or attractor patterns. Next to the traditional flies he also presents even some Czech still water specials. Relatively large part is also devoted to the tactics of still water fishing of rainbow trouts and wild browns.

It is first book of such a kind in the area of Central and Eastern Europe which might deserve a translation into a non-English language. Prospective interested readers may order this book through our website for 17,- Euro. However, we stress that this book has been written in Czech.