Author: Pavel Machan

1st periode – Lake Valle de Rossim

Flies: Sparkler size 10, Black Glass-buzzer size 12, Sparkler size 10, nylon 0,18 mm monofile, fly line – fast clear intermediate. One brownie 57 cm on Black Buzzer, Two rainbows on Sparklers, last hour change on sinking line D 4 and rolly poly – next two rainbows on Sparkler Bobby. I was with five bags on thirth place in my group, winner Janne Pirkkalainen (Finland) - 11 bags.

2nd period – Lake Logoacho

Very bad beat for me, shallow water close the bank acces for fish with very shallow water. Two rainbows only on Black Booby size 12, nylon 0,16 mm, fly line fast clear intermediate, rolly poly, natural pattern without fish behalf. Absurd beat for fishing! Sparklers without contact. 18th place only, winner Thibaut Guilpain (Fr.) has 20 bags, finally he was closely behind me.

3th period – river Mondego

Flies – in distance 180 cm each other – Goldhead March Brown size 12, Orange Tag size 12, Goldhead March Brown size12, nylon 0,12 mm, line fast clear intermediate, downstream fishing in distance 10 m, draging in nice streams confluence behind a river island – one brownie 24 cm – on March Brawn, dry fly fishing without any success. Last hour of competition came high water from the lake on, change over for sinking line IV and streamers: Black Leech size 10, Muddler size 10 and Sparkler size 10 – one brown 25 cm in calm water on Black Leech. With two bags second place for me, winner Lambinet from Belgium (3 bags).

4th period – rivulete Ceirra

Very small and terribly shaggy, lower half part of my beat was not possible to cast, then was nice fossete with deeper stream. I have changed nylon diametre for 0,10 mm, fishing style fly-float, long upstream cast and one rainbow eat up my goldhead March Brown size 14 and that was all – my fortune like a pig!!! But it was enough for sixth place, winner Jose Rodrigues (Portugal) had 3 bags.

5th period – river Alva

Ante me one Franchman cought here 4 trouts on dry fly. Then I set two wet March- browns size 16 and Orange Tag size 16, nylon 0,10 mm, fly line fast clear intermediate and slowly walked round in deep plain pool and mined here 10 brownies from the snags ( 22 – 32 cm ) and sent my previous fishing men in trap-door of history. I won with windfal my group closely before Skyrund from Norway.

All the team performed excellently in very difficult conditions.

Tight lines! Pavel

Result Sheet of Teams (PDF, 214 kB)

Result Sheet of Individuals (PDF, 875 kB)