Dear customer,
If you want to do shopping in our e-shop, you have to have your account with us. The registration of this account is very easy. It is enough to fill in relevant information on the registration form and wait for the confirmation e-mail, which you receive into your mailbox. In this confirmation email, there is a link and by clicking on it you activate your account. Do not hurry up and wait until you receive this confirmation e-mail and do not forget to activate your account, otherwise you will not be able to complete your order.

Our system will take you through the entire shopping process from entering your delivery address, method of delivery and method of payment to the order of the goods itself. Please, pay attention to individual steps in the process, when it is always necessary to copy the verification code located in the lower part of the form.

After completing the form and its sending, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment gate, where you can pay directly either from your PayPal account or by using your payment card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex). Please, check at the end of your order process if you were really redirected to the address:, where you follow information and instructions provided by the server