Stealth camou clear INT WF7IAfter three years of intensive development and testing, it is finally here! Almost invisible, little camouflaged clear intermediate line. The idea for this type of line was born already in 2012 during the Norway Championship. The right choice for this option was then confirmed during the following 2013 World Championship in Norway, where the Czechs won. This type of line proved to be a key element and irreplaceable for fishing of careful fish.

Great thanks for the idea belong to Luboš Roza who came with the idea of production of this line as well as subsequent patience with testing of individual samples. Great thanks belong also to Gareth Jones, Director of the Airflo Company, for his generous helpfulness and expert technical help in development and also personal testing of this exceptional line on the Chew Walley and Blagdon lakes in June 2015.

The result is an extra soft line with minimum memory and ductility and extra smooth coat. Great, easy and long casts and perfectly straight while retrieving. You immediately feel every take and the strike is uncompromisingly strong. The line is finished with microrings on both line ends. The end at the backing is marked with a specification the line.

It is produced in the following AFTMA categories and lengths:

WF 6I – 27.5 m and WF 7I – 30.5 m is ideal for still water and streamer fishing.
WF 4I – 24.5 m and WF 5I – 27.5 m is intended for wet fly fishing in rivers.
WF 3I – 24.5 m is suitable for retrieving of micronymphs in rivers.