Andy Fergusson

the author of this paper, examines why some brown trout go to the sea, while other individuals stay in the streams where they were born, migrating instead to the mainstream, estuary or lake (FF&FT October 2020).

The simple answer to the question „ What is a sea migratory brown trout?“ is thatit is a migratory brown trout that spends time feeding in the sea before returning to freshwater for further feeding, overwintering, or spawning. Generally, trout spawning takes place within small tributary streams. As illustrated in the life-cycle diagram, while some brown trout may spend all their lives within a few hundert meters of where they were born (stream-resident), most brown trout are migratory. In addition to optional migration to the sea, migrants can also occur to the downstream mainstream of a  river, to brackish estuaries and lagoons, or to a lake.

RIP jacques lagaucheDear friends exhibitors at the Charleroi fair,
It is with deep sadness that we have to inform you of the decease of Mr. Jacques Lagauche, secretary and linchpin of our club, but also one of the most important organizers of our wonderful fair.

He left us on the7th of September to go fishing on the rivers in the fly fishermen's paradise. The committee and the members of the Club of Charleroi will do everything in their power to ensure the continuity of his tremendous efforts to promote our beautiful passion.

We look forward to seeing you all again and to remembering him.

With regard to the viability of the fair, a decision will be taken at the end of October depending on the then current safety regulation and you will be informed as soon as possible.

pp Thymallus Club APMC