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Why must I attend this masterclass?

I need to improve my nymph-fishing skills

I am not sure where most of the fish is located in the river

I take the unique opportunity to get tuition from a coach of world-champions

Take up this challenge and attend the masterclass with Jíři Klíma.

Jíři, since 1993 coach of the Czech Flyfishing team, won already four times the world title. He is now known as “the River God” (so called by Charles Jardine) because of his worldwide reputation as one of the best readers of a stream, together with Roman Moser and Oliver Edwards.

The Masterclasses are a huge success. Flyfishers from all over the world already took part. From England, the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Scotland, Canada, Belgium. See for example the testimonial of mr. Todd Oishi, the number one, Gold Medallist in Canada: or

(Czech) Nymphing with a # 2 rod

It was evident for every participant that Jíři turned every participant into a complete flyfisher, the way only Jíři Klíma can do it. He is world class.

Jíři not only teach Czech Nymphing, but also the newest techniques in upstream and downstream nymphing with very light nymphs by using a line 2 rod!! The results are amazing.

Location and costs

The Masterclass will take place in the south of Bohemia where the world championships have been held. The costs for this unique event are € 485,00 per person.

These costs include:

  • 6 overnight stays and 5 days fishing
  • Full board accommodation
  • Fishing permits
  • Instruction (fly-fishing ánd fly-tying) from Jíři Klíma
  • River-guiding

Arrival: Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Departure: Tuesday, June 5th, 2007


Sign up by the online application form on the special website and your host Robert Borrenbergs, will contact you for more details.

Tight Lines,
Robert Borrenbergs (Organization Czech Nymphing Masterclass)