Bob Church, Trout Fisherman, November, 2012.     

TonyPawson tTony Pawson was a much-loved sportsman. He had played football and cricket at the highest level, but it is for his contribution to flyfishing for traut he was best known. In 1984 I qualified for England to fish in Spain along with Tony, he was elected captain. Tony was the perfect gentleman but also had a very competitive streak. It was clear to me England had the right captain in Tony. We were to fish the River Tormes in Salamanca. Going to Spain a week before the competition day gave us time to practise, the river was running high fram flood. Instead of the usual dryfly method, Tony and the team opted to use slow sink lines and traditional English fly patterns such as the Black & Peacock Spider. Casting to the centre of the river and allowing the current to swing the flies into your downstream bank and slow figure-of-eight retrieve. We stuck to Tony's decision and it worked. Tony won the whole event. Tony was the new World Flyfishing individual champion and we as his team were a close runner up as second. So it was gold for Tony and silver forthe team. Tony was presented with the largest cup trophy I had ever seen. It even had its own seat on the plane coming home.

By Karel Křivanec

      As there are only few days left in the year 2012, I would like to try to summarize this year. From my point of view, it seems to me that this can be called as the Czech year as I have already called this article. All started at the FIPS-Mouche General Assembly, which was held on 30 March in the Spanish enclave Melilla (12.3 square kilometres), located on the coast of Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the Moroccan territory. Although FIPS-Mou has got 32 member countries, in Melilla there were only 7 (plus three proxies) present. From four members of Presidential Board, only the President Paul Vekemans was present and he was chairing this strange meeting.

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Martin Musil Jr.

two-gold-medals-for-few-fish-or-how-not-to-become-the-world-champion-05If somebody had told me before this year´s championship that we would win both in teams and individuals, I would only smile. I had a feeling that any kind of medal would be a great success. Before the start of the competition I set my goal to fight until its very end and enjoy the atmosphere of individual competitions as well as the entire championship as much as possible, because this time it was my last chance to represent the Czech Republic in youth competition. I must confess that despite the fact I took this event very seriously, my preparations for it were not too intensive. Permanent persuasion of myself to tie a fly, I gave up after some time.

mike childs

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Mike Childs, a great angler who gave so much of his life to representing his country and organising the international fly fishing competitions for seniors and juniors.

Mike was central to the England International and World squads for many years and became a very succesful team manager. In particular he developed close relationships with other European angling organisations arranging many exchange trips for the senior and youth teams and served as President of the International Fly Fishing Association. 

Latterly he was the President of the England Youth Flyfishing Association and gave many years to supporting the younger generation of anglers through national and international competitions.

Mike will be sadly missed by so many anglers across the world and our thoughts are with his wife Valerie.
Mike's funeral will be held on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 11.00am and will take place at St Francis RC Church, 110 Warwick Road, Kenilworth CV8 1HL.  The service will be followed by cremation.

Mike's family have stressed that all Mike's fishing friends from over the years are very welcome, have asked that no flowers are sent, but very kindly suggested that any donations can be made in his memory to England Youth Fly-fishing.

Any donations can be sent to The EYF Treasurer, 23 Fines Road, Medomsley, Consett, Co Durham DH8 6QR  (cheques made payable to Angling Trust).

September 6, 2011 | Author 

The Welsh Youth World fly fishing team headed off to Sansepolcro, Italy on Friday 26th August to compete in the Fly Fishing World Championships along with another 11 countries. The Youth World fly fishing championships was just a small part of the Sport Fishing World Championship being held in Italy, along with 24 other disciplines and 51 countries competing. The categories ranged from Disabled Carp fishing through to long distance casting with beach casters, and every thing in between.

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by Tomáš Adam

My grayling 50.5 cmOriginally, I did not want to take part in this year´s Championship and the nomination for my sixth championship I gave up mainly for family reasons. But when I had a call from Roman Heimlich that he had torn cruciate ligament in his knee during his last skiing trip, I agreed with my wife Hana that if the Czech team asks me again, I will go and I did not have to wait so long.

On Sunday, 27 May, we set out in two cars in direction to Bohinjska Bystrica and our team consisted of the Captain Tomáš Starýchfojtů, Ivan Vančura, Tomáš Cieslar, Luboš Roza and me. Tony Pešek should have joined us due to his workload on Monday evening. After 6 and a half hour long journey, we arrived in the place and got accommodated. Then there was an introductory evening, where we set the plan for the following day, when we decided for the training on the Sava Bohinjka downstream from the venue II. Then our one-week practice camp before the World Championship in Slovenia started.

By Martin Drož

Rio MondegoThe team of the Czech Republic departed to the European Championship to Portugal already on 7 May with these team members: Captain Tomáš Starýchfojtů, experienced guy Jája Šram, Pavel Chyba (European Champion 2009, World Champion 2010), two newbees - Martin Černoch and Bořek Kopecký and me. I got into the team at the last moment as a substitute, because last spring I had a very serious accident on a snowmobile in the Giant Mountains and after that I spent long time lying in hospital with a broken kidney and bleeding into the abdominal cavity.

32th FIPS-Mouche
World Fly Fishing Championship
Slovenia, 3-10 June 2012

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