Author: Karel Křivanec

At the Senior World Championship in Portugal the team of fly fishermen from the Czech Republic reached a great result, which is the best in all history. In a very difficult competition we luckily managed to defeat the team of France, which was the biggest favorite and the Czechs reached for the team gold after the long seven years. Two more valuable medals were won by the individuals.

Author: Milan Janus

 Competitors Roman Jörka, Ondrej Misar, Vit Pavlacky, Jaroslav Masek and Petr Drasdik were nominated to this year´s 5th Championship of Youth in Portugal for the team of the Czech Republic. This was a strong team, which I believed in from its start. The competitors had their camp, just before the championship in Slovakia, under the supervision of Milan Cubík, who was the team manager. We have also tested new fly fishing lines, which were bought by our sponsor company Veolia. This was a transparent floating line, which was good for Portugese waters.

Our team met in Plzen on 18 June in the evening, incl. the driver Kamil, who supported all our team very well. We went through Germany to France and in the evening the next day we accommodated ourselves in Bordeaux in a Formule 1 hotel. The next day we were on the way from six in the morning to get to Moncao in Portugal. Here we settled ourselves in a hidden little hotel, which was managed by two 70-year old ladies.

Author: Martin Musil

 Author of article The International Fly-Fishing Federation FIPS-MOUCHE authorized Slovenia to organize the European Championship this year. Because of specific managed rivers in Slovenia fishing clubs Bohinj (top organizer), Bled, Jesenice and Radovljica were organizing the Championship. Individual competition sectors were marked out on Sava-Bohinjka river (sectors I-III), Sava-Dolinjka river (sector IV) and Sava river (sector V) – below the confluence of the above mentioned rivers.

Czech team competitors were: Lukas Pazdernik, Daniel Svrcek, David Seba, Vladimir Sedivy a Jaromir Sram, captain Jiri Klima, manager Martin Musil. Beautiful Slovene rivers were totally unknown for the Czech team. Just Lukas Pazdernik has been fishing on Sava-Bohijnce river a couple of years ago.

Author: Karel Krivanec

After this year´s World Championship in Sweden (2005) the Czech fly fishermen are still in long-term tables of medal awards on the third place and they have equal points as the second Italians, which have one gold more. The Czechs have overtaken England and Poland. Assessment is done in the following way: 3 points are given for a gold medal, 2 points for silver and 1 point for a bronze medal. From the first six teams only teams of France, Italy, England and Belgium have participated in all 25 championships, Poland participated in 22 championships, the Czech team has participated in 20 championships only.

Source: CZN

LINK: FIPS Journal 2005 (PDF, 113 kB)

Author: Karel Křivanec

 March on, march on Jubilee 25th World Fly Fishing Championship took part between 16 - 22 August 2005 in Swedish Lappland and the centre of the Championship was again in the small town of Lycksele, which welcomed competitors from 21 countries of Europe, America, Australia, Japan and South Africa. This time completely different waters were used for fishing than during the Championship in 2001, but in this area there are so many different possibilities that this would be enough for several other championships. This year's competition was influenced by heavy rains just before this significant event and therefore fishing in two stretches of the river Lögde älv was very complicated and high water was even on the not-distant lake of Rödingträsk, where the boat fishing was done. However, the river Juktan, lying below the large reservoir had a stable water level, but its captiousness was hidden in something different. Who had not arrive long time before the championship he did not find out how rich in fish it is, because the practice stretch was very short and heavily fished.

Author: Karel Krivanec

 Mám ho The Vltava river hosted young fly fishers in the third week of July. They arrived in Rozmberk to participate in the IVth World Championship. 53 young people took part and the same number counted their accompaniment. Some teams arrived because of training one week earlier, but the official opening was on Wednesday 20 July in the Rozmberk castle where also the Governor of South Bohemian Region Jan Zahradnik was present. Under the head of the Czech Republic there were two teams. Czech Republic 1 represented: Lubos Roza, Roman Jorka, Ondrej Misar, Vit Pavlacky, Lukas Sobolcik and reserve Jaroslav Masek. Czech second team consisted of Petr Jilek, Petr Drastik, Jan Buchtela, Bohumil Sares, Pavel Steuer and the reserve was Pavel Haloun.

Author: Karel Krivanec

Between the 14th and 19th of June the XI. European Fly Fishing Championship took place on the San River in Poland. The Czech Republic was represented by two, five member teams. The main Official Team was known as Czech 1 and the other team Czech 2, which was to defend the title they won last year in Sweden, even though some of the team members were different. The First trip to the venue was made in the beginning of May, when our spy visited and the place for a camp was decided which we would use for a week prior to the Competition. Unfortunately the conditions were not good because he river was high following earlier heavy rains and it was not possible to fish at all.

Author: Slavoj Svoboda

 Slavoj Svoboda The team of Czechoslovakia left for its second championship in fly fishing on 16 September 1986 by train from Prague via Nürnberg, Koblenz and Luxembourg to Belgium town of Libramont Bastogne, where the driver was waiting for us with the car, which we had through all the championship at disposal. Miroslav Zilka was a team leader, coach was Pavel Janicek and competitors were following: Jaroslav Eisner, Jan Šebestyen, Pavol Gavura, Miroslav Sýkora and Slavoj Svoboda.

Author: Karel Křivanec

Between 12 - 15 May 2005 the 27th International Confederation of Anglers CIPS met in Palermo, Sicily. About a hundred of representatives from all the world participated in it. At the date of the Congress CIPS 108 national federations from 54 countries of all the continents were associated. The core of its activity, however, lies on the backs of its four international sport federations: Sea Fishing Federation (FIPS-M), Fresh Water Fishing Federation (FIPS-Ed), Fly Fishing Federation (FIPS-Mou) and International Casting Federation (ICF), which was shown mercy by the CIPS management. The reason of this change was the reality that the first three mentioned federations have been accepted into the AGFIS, which is the international organization of the non-Olympic sports, where the Casting Federation works there through the second world casting federation ICSF.