By Pavel Chyba

06 Pavel Chyba My fourth participation in the European Championship was this year on the Vltava River in our country and the Květoňov Reservoir. I did not like premature opinions that we are fishing at home and the result is clear and you will only see who will be the first, who the second, etc. As I also remember the World Championship 2014 in our country, when we really worked hard and we had a great piece of luck and nothing was clear until the very last round. Nevertheless, extremely strong Czech team consisted of four individual and four multiple European Champions in teams and this filled me up with optimism that this time I could touch the European gold medal in teams. This was the last medal which I was missing in my collection.

Two weeks before the Championship my new fan Matthew was born and I could not take part in the first trainings. I chose classic practice before the Championship. I arrived as the last one of our team, but some guys went home to see families and we somehow changed during the trainings. I will not describe in detail what all we were testing. Simply said, we tried all fly fishing styles and with all styles we caught something. Who knows the Vltava River, must know that the river is full of fish and you can fish with anything. However, it is important to choose the important things. And now to the competition itself …


By Karel Křivanec

01 Nastup tymu v HerbertoveBetween 6 and 11 June 2018, 24th European Fly Fishing Championship was held in South Bohemia. Fourteen male and three female teams applied for this competition. Two competition sectors were marked on the Vltava 28 between Vyšší Brod and Rožmberk and one sector was marked on the Vltava 29 in “Devil’s  Rapids”, which is a bouldered stream flowing from the Lipno Reservoir and ending in the Lipno 2 Equalizing Reservoir. Two lake competitions in the trout reservoir called Květoňov (6 ha) located near a small town of Kaplice were added into the competition scheme.

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written by Ivan Vančura

01This year’s European Fly Fishing Championship was held in Portugal between 14. 5 – 21 .5. 2017.

The Czech team consisted of Lukáš Starýchfojtů (Lukyn), Tomáš Adam (Ogar), Lukáš Jahn, Miloslav Hosenseidl (Milda) and me - Ivan Vančura. With respect to winter turbulences in our National Fly Fishing Committee, when both the Manager, Martin, and the Coach of the National team, Tomáš, resigned, we went to this Championship without these two important officials and I was forced to take over their responsibility. The flew to Portugal without any bigger problems. The only obstacle was the pick-up of booked and paid cars in Porto. This cost us almost 3 hours of time and nerves.

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by Karel Křivanec

grayling european championship in poland 2016 01Between 3rd and 8th October, the 22nd European Fly Fishing Championship was held in the surroundings of the town of Slupsk in the North of Poland. Sixteen teams including three women teams took part. With respect to this year’s World Championship in the USA, traditional teams from Italy, Slovakia and Luxembourg were missing and also the Czech Republic sent only 5 competitors without the coach and a Team Manager for financial reasons. These competitors were Lukáš Jahn, Miloslav Hosenseidl, David Chlumský, Vojtěch Ungr and Miloslav Šenkýř. I was there with my shop, because I was invited by Polish friends and I could watch this championship a little from the background.

The centre of the Championship was the Lupawa (Slupia) river, were four sufficiently long sectors were marked. A speciality of this Championship was the fact that only grayling was regarded as eligible species on the beautiful river, but there were enough brown trout, and rainbow trout and practically all other fish species were eligible (minimal size 15 cm) in the competition which took place on a local lake in the city park, excluding pike, which influenced the final competition results from the Czech point of view.

By Luboš Roza

01After about a 14-hour long flight, we landed in Denver where we rented a car and travelled to Vail, a skiing resort located about 2,500 m above sea level, where our fried Kristen and her husband Tom were waiting for us. They have a holiday house here and they provided us asylum for the two weeks of our preparation.

The sun and a great view surprised us on the morning and this in fact remained for the entire length of our stay. There was almost no rain, except only one day and one night and this was very little. We firstly met water on the Eagle River. A medium-size river could be compared to the Otava River in our country. We took our things, put on goratex waders by Agama and I could see only the backs of the other guys. Thus, I am going down the parking place and I choose slow water, where I can try cling and ding fishing. I see first few raises and then it starts getting tough as the fish are going to eat me. Before I get ready, they are eating a lot on the surface. Sobering up came after a few casts. Fish are eating everything and everywhere, but they are not interested only in the place, where my fly is. I start using the best of the best flies with the idea that I must get to know what they are eating and then I will show them. I catch a few smaller fish, but compared to what kind of party there is I am quite bored. I apologize it by saying – they are white fish really difficult to be caught with a dry fly. Unfortunately, later I had to confess to myself that this was a lame excuse. But this was later.

by Jiří Pejchar

czech teamThis year´ s Youth Championship took place in the province of Galicia, Spain from 8 to 14 August. Therefore, it was expected that this Championship will be in the spirit of a dry fly, which the Spanish are very strong in. According to the instructions, these competitions should have been done in 4 rivers and on one lake with boat fishing. We focused our preparation on dry fly fishing with a long leader. All experienced competitors: Tomáš Langer, František Adam, Petr Červenka, Libor Marienka and the youngest Michal Melnar qualified into the team. A week before the Championship, the organizers cancelled the lake competition from boats and substituted it with the second sector on the Xallas River.

USA Vail 11-18 Sept. POLAND Slupsk 3-9 Oct. SPAIN Galicia 8-14 Aug. IRELAND Galway 13-19 Jun. 2016
SLOVAKIA Liptov Aug. PORTUGAL Arco Valdez May SLOVENIA Ljubno 7-13 Aug PORTUGAL Sera da Estrella Sept. 2017
WALES sept or oct CZECH REP. S. Bohemia May POLAND Lesko Aug SPAIN Asturias Sept 2018
AUSTRALIA Tasmania Nov. NORWAY ROROS Aug CZECH REP. Moravia end July SOUTH AFRICA Games Feb 2019
FINLAND Kuusamo Mid Aug.       2020
ITALY Trentino End Sept.       2021

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by Roman Heimlich

winning czech comeback under the dolomites 01Between 21 and 27 September 2015, the 21st European Fly Fishing Championship was held in the area of Trentino–Alto Adige, just under the peaks of the Dolomites, Italy. Our team formed by Tomáš Adam, Martin Drož, Lukáš Jahn, František Kouba, Roman Heimlich, a coach Tomáš Starýchfojtů and a manager Martin Musil. We set out already on 12 September to have enough time for proper training. For the Championship, the organizers chose four river sectors on the Sarca River– where individual sections were very different from one another due to the character of the river bed and water quality. The fifth sector, where the competition was held, was on a crystal clear, but not very deep mountain lake called Nembia. The lake was intended for the bank competition.